The Bobby Timmons Trio “Easy Does It”

Philadelphia born pianist Booby Timmons is most know for his work with Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers and Cannonball Adderley not to mention his trilogy of jazz anthems Moanin, This Here and Dat Der. His output with the Messengers was particularly impressive with six records released in 1960 alone, including one of my top Messenger’s LPs “Like Someone in Love”. As for the Cannonball dates if I had to pick one I’d go with Them Dirty Blues as being a particularly outstanding session. I had that one on cassette and played it everyday until the tape deck in my Mom’s 1986 Hyundai Pony turned it into confetti.

As a leader Timmons recorded and released at least half a dozen dates for both the Riverside and Prestige labels. I have four of the Riverside dates on LP and each one of them features great arranging and that funky gospel style of writing that I think most people associate with Bobby Timmons. One of the things I love some much about these sides is the variety in the feels and moods of the pieces. There’s the funky greasy stuff but there’s also some outstanding up tempo bebop piano and the odd gentle ballad thrown in for good measure.

Here’s a couple of Timmons originals. Check out Jimmy Cobb’s bad ass drum parts on Easy Does It and A Little Busy. I’m not sure that I’ve heard anything quite like that before.

Easy Does It

A Little Busy

Pretty Memory

Bobby Timmons Trio “Easy Does It”
Riverside 1961
Bobby Timmons Piano
Sam Jones Bass
Jimmy Cobb Drums