Jerrold Dubyk

There are many players on the Canadian scene who deserve wider recognition and this weekend I had the pleasure to play with one such musician.

A few years back I got an email from Jerrold Dubyk asking me if I’d come to Edmonton and play on his second recording. I must admit I hadn’t heard of Jerrold so I went into standard business mode. “Who, when, where and how much?”. Little did I know that the Maverick session would turn out to be some of the best times I’ve had in the studio.

Jerrold did everything right. He hired some guys that love to play together, he wrote some killer tunes, he played his ass off AND his wife brought us lasagne and a tray of brownies. How could a recording session not go well under those conditions?

(The only thing Dubes loves more than Jazz music is OJ. Don’t try to take it from him!)

This weekend we got back together up in Whitehorse Yukon for a show at Jazz on the Wing. We played most of the tunes from the record plus a couple of new pieces that I’m hoping we’ll record in the spring. Here’s one of Brad Turner’s compositions we recorded on The Maverick (apologies for the lousy camera angle):

Be sure to check Jerrold out at his blog Settin’ The Pace.

More soon.